37 Photography Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

37 Photography Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

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There’s so much talent on Instagram, I could have easily written a list of 100 top photographers to follow. I’ve thrown in my lists of the best portrait photographers to follow on Instagram, the best photographers to learn from on Instagram, the best photography accounts for beginners to follow, and a few extras for fun. This is a case in which “the more the merrier” really holds true. The more images you see as a photographer, the better of a photographer you will become!

1. Ana Brandt

As one of the most recognized maternity and newborn photographers in the world, Ana Brandt’s Instagram is full of heart-warming “momma and me” images. She’s been in the industry for over 20 years, and has formulated online workbooks and in-person workshops for photographers wanting to sharpen their skills.

Ana Brandt Photography | Shop
Image by Ana Brandt

2. Roie Galitz

Whether you’re an advocate for climate change, or consider yourself to be one with nature, Roie uses his photography to showcase the beauty of natural wildlife and to raise awareness for global environmental issues. His travels to all corners of the globe, introducing followers to the most remote locations, from the dry meadows in Tanzania to the arctic drifts of Svalbard. 

Photo shared by Roie Galitz - Wild Photography on December 07, 2020 tagging @gtechnology, @loweprobags, @nikonrussia, @nikoneurope, and @gitzoinspires. Image may contain: 1 person.
Image by Roie Galitz

3. LaJoy Cox

If you’re into wedding, lifestyle, or fashion photography, LaJoy Cox is at the top of the game, and has been hired by Netflix to photograph several of their TV series. She teaches several classes on lighting and posing for photographers looking to dive deeper into her arena of photography.

Photo shared by LaJoy Cox | LaJoy Photography on January 13, 2021 tagging @weddingsparrow, @blackbride1998, @brides, @munaluchibride, @southernbridemagazine, @martha_weddings, @weddingsonpoint, @bellanaijaweddings, @chicbrownbride, @mlweddingsatl, @signaturebride, @southernnoirweddings, @blackloveweddings, @bridesofcolor, and @blackbridesdaily. Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and wedding.
Image by LaJoy Cox

4. Lola Melani

Is it a pregnant glow or is it Lola Melani photography? Lola uses her photography as a way to celebrate and empower women on their journey through motherhood.

Photo by Lola Melani in New York, New York with @madeinpoland_, @profotousa, @canonusa, and @lolamelani. Image may contain: 1 person, standing.
Image by Lola Melani

5. Vanessa Joy

The queen of hilarious yet educational Instagram reels, Vanessa Joy often shares tips and tricks for photographers in quick, 15 second videos (and her beautiful images aren’t something you want to miss either). She’s the best photography Instagram account if you just can’t get enough of the reels!

I love when you get to pause for a moment and capture a beautiful bridal image. Photographers, do you find time during the getting ready photos on the day or the wedding to take some classic portraits of your brides?

@briiduffield editor: @freedomedits Dress:  @sarehnouri 
Host: @adorama Stylist: @krockcreative HMUA: @mmglam @top_knot_hair Rentals: @partyrentalltd Dresses: @kleinfeldbridal Tux: @chazmatazztux Stationary: @cupcake_graphics Florals: @atoeevents @hudsoncakery Location: @home.studios Styling Board: @kissbooks Props: @stylingmat @vieagency

#nyc #weddingphotography #newyorkcity #photographysouls #manhattanbride #nycwedding #newyorkbride #manhattanbride #canonphotography
Image by Vanessa Joy

6. Dr. Tomayia Colvin

Dr. Tomayia Colvin is one of my favorite photographers on Instagram for many reasons. She has successfully created an empowering platform for Black photographers and photographers of color, and shares educational content on mini sessions and more.

Photo by Dr.Tomayia Colvin on December 25, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor.
Image by Dr. Tomayia Colvin

7. Jacqueline and Laura

This enthusiastic twin sister team has made their mission clear: showcase the beauty and character of southern brides. From the muddy marshes of the Mississippi to the breezy palms of the Floria keys, these two capture it all.

Why were we craving sweet tea??⁣
We’ve lived in the south and we love all things southern BUT we’ve never been huge fans of sweet tea!! So what’s with the craving??⁣
Because sweet tea is now our go-to drink at weddings !!😂 We had it once and not only was it refreshing but that caffeine is needed at the end of the day!! And now it’s just tradition 😉 ⁣
After this gorgeous styled shoot on Tuesday we were feeling those wedding vibes and craving some sweet tea😂😍⁣
Anyone else??
Image by Jacqueline and Laura

8. Kelly Brown

Not only are you going to want to follow her on Isntagram page for a gold mine for newborn posing inspiration, but Kelly Brown has a free YouTube channel, dedicated to teaching photographers how to perfect posing.

Photo by KELLY BROWN on December 22, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping, baby and closeup, text that says 'NEWBORN POSING'.
Image by Kelly Brown

9. Ami Vitale

Soft spot for wildlife? Try Ami Vitale for breathtaking scenes of beautiful creatures across the globe. Each image tells a story of its own, without saying any words at all.

Photo by Ami Vitale in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Image may contain: people sitting, sky, outdoor and nature.
Image by Ami Vitale

10. The Wild Bride

Just as fun as it sounds, this husband and wife duo show off their creative style through spectacular wedding portraits. No two photos are alike, which means hours could be spent scrolling through their work!

Photo by ↠ The Wild Bride ↞ in Buðir Black Church with @greenweddingshoes, @whimsicalwonderlandweddings, @lovemydress, @onefabday, @festivalbrides, @bridesupnorth, @weddingchicks, @brides, @dannycashman, @weddingwire, @junebugweddings, @thordisz, @rockmywedding, @tillythomaslux, @bridemagazineofficial, @elopementlove, @theoutsidebride, @freespiritedbrides, and @heywildweddings. Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature.
Image by The Wild Bride

11. John Kowitz

Guaranteed you’ve never seen portraits like these before, John Kowitz is an underwater wizard, capturing both human and environmental beauty in each image.

Photo by John Kowitz| Photographer in Catalina Island with @visitcalifornia, @dez.fj, @catalinaexpress, @visitcatalinaisland, @everydaycalifornia, @bluuespace, @freediveinternational, @hellocaliforniamag, @freediveearth, @wildcalifornia_, @spearfish.and.freedive.world, @freediverlife, @freedivers_united, @divemag, @california, @girlsthatfreedive, @cafreedivers, @thefreedivegirls, @catalina_scuba, and @freediversclub. Image may contain: one or more people and water.
Image by John Kowitz

12. CharMarie Photography

Unlike any newborn images you’ve seen before, CharMarie infuses personality into her images of tiny little humans. If you’re looking for milestone photography inspiration, this is the feed you need to be scrolling through.

Image by CharMarie Photography

13. Mecca Gamble

Can’t get enough of watching the behind-the-scenes of other photographers? Mecca Gamble shows followers what all types of sessions look like, and how to shoot in different lighting with her photo intensives.

mecca gamble | Park Studios
Image by Mecca Gamble

14. Mario Martinez

Today it’s a portrait of two sisters, tomorrow it’s the skyline of the Twin Cities. You never just quite know what you’re going to get with Mario Martinez, but one thing’s for sure: this Barcelona-based artist serves the most eye-catching urban scenes.

Photo by Mario in Paris, France with @wileyybecker, and @cath.sar. Image may contain: 2 people, night.
Image by Mario Martinez

15. Amy and Jordan Demos

Wife and hubby photographers, Amy and Jordan, share their business life as professional photographers, shooting and editing tutorials, and the behind the scenes with their two kiddos. For all the photographers out there who are also parents, the Demoses are a must- follow.

What a way to “start” the year!! 😍⁣⁣
Our first wedding back was *supposed* to be six weeks after Em was born, but of course, 2020 had very different plans. I’ve been amazed by the grace, flexibility and big picture outlook of so many clients this year, and while this has been one of the hardest, craziest years, it’s also been such a good one for perspective. My body may be sore after weddings, but I’m just grateful to be shooting! We might be packing masks and sanitizer in our bags, but we’re getting the opportunity to love and serve couples again. Processing images means a lot of time at the laptop, but it’s a gift to be able to blog a wedding!⁣⁣
Whitney and Dave, you are beautiful!! Swipe to see some of our faves! So many more on the blog today! Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your best day ever! It feels so good to be back! ⁣
#ajbride #amyandjordancouple @shannonsmithevents @sarahsgardenstyle @villasiena
Image by Amy and Jordan Demos

16. Kesha Lambert

It’s impossible to not be inspired by Kesha Lambert’s photography. When I first came across Kesha’s Instagram feed, I couldn’t stop scrolling through her posts. Every image tells a different story, and her photography has been featured in several international magazines, such as People, Essence, and the New York Times, to name just a few.

Kesha Lambert Photography
Image by Kesha Lambert

18. Luisa & Douglas Manning

Could we be any more obsessed with this husband and wife photographer duo? #couplegoals. Luisa and Douglas Manning have lived all over the world, sharing their passion for love-infused portraits with every corner of the globe.

Photo by Luisa & Douglas Manning in Dallas, Texas with @watters, @weddingchicks, @weddingwire, @theknot, @southernbridemagazine, @bridesofnorthtx, @martha_weddings, @stylemepretty, @thecopperpress, and @heatherandhavencreativeco. Image may contain: 3 people, people standing.
Image by Louisa and Douglas Manning

19. Denise Benson

If you’re looking for an expert on personal branding photography, you need to follow Denise Benson on Instagram. She helps entrepreneurs get clear on their visual marketing and shows photographers how she rocks it through her behind the scenes IGTV films.

Personal Branding Photography | Denise Benson Photography - Denise Benson  Photography
Image by Denise Benson

20. Katelyn James Photography

Katelyn James is a special type of photographer, and she doesn’t showcase only grin-worthy wedding sessions. Many times, she shows behind the scenes of her life as a successful portrait photographer (and she’s one of the best wedding photographers on Instagram, in my opinion).

It’s official. I have totally transitioned into a new version of wedding photographer. I used to see everything from the perspective of my brides. I was closest to their age, I had just gotten married myself, and I could relate to them more than anyone else...... but a shift has happened and I actually think it has made me a better photographer. Michael and I have been parents for three years. For three years, our hearts have been overtaken by the little people we call our own. I think about Evy starting school and I start crying. I think of Graham starting to walk and it just seems too fast but yet I want to capture it. Until three years ago, I never understood how incredibly important a wedding is to not only the bride but to her momma as well. 😭😭😭The day we watch Evy begin a new life with her best friend is going to wreck us.... completely.... but in the best way..... and we get to capture that for other mommas. What an honor. I used to think becoming a mom would ruin my career but in reality, it’s turned me into a photographer who is more connected with what I’m capturing than ever before. ❤️
Image by Katelyn James

21. Unscripted Posing App

This genius account provides photographers with endless tools and resources to up their photography game and shares a featured photographer every week. Not only a great page for finding new photographers to network with, and who knows, could you be the next photography feature?

Are we seeing triple?! 😍😍😍⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Unbelievably beautiful shot by @aidallanosphotography ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#siblings #poses #poses #familyphotography #family #photography #love #familyphotographer #photographer #portraitphotography #photooftheday #familygoals #photoshoot #portrait #lifestylephotography #familytime #instagood #familyphotos #familyphotoshoot #familyportrait #kids #familyportraits #familypictures #familylove #nikon #canon #familylife #picoftheday #photo
Image by Aida Llanos Photography

22. Elaine Torres

Elaine Torres has brought pop-funk to the photography industry! Each one of her sessions showcases retro-fashion mixed with eye-catching backgrounds. If you’re looking for photography Instagram accounts for beginners, or looking to try out a new technique, Elaine offers one-on-one studio lighting classes to her followers. 

Multicolor 🌈 @esodette Hair & Makeup by @kimberlydistel
Image by Elaine Torres

23. Jasmine Star

Need help with making your IG content shine? Or want to know how to find your niche? Jasmine star, photographer and law-school drop-out turned social media educator tells-all on her Instagram. From ideal camera settings to engaging caption ideas, she helps her followers intentionally curate their own feed.

Home - Jasmine Star
Image via jasminestar.com

24. Annie Leibovitz

Annie often posts throwback portraits of celebrities on their birthdays, to celebrate them through her photography. Her work is wildly prolific, yet you may not have even realized it was her’s all along– she’s shot for movers of several top-tier magazies, and has iconic portraits of even more iconic people. 

Hugh Grant, London, England, 2003 / Nicole Kidman, Sydney, Australia, 2008 / In Celebration of the Premiere of The Undoing
Image by Annie Leibovitz

25. Light and Airy Photogs

Creatives, moms, and business owners??? Life just met its match. Not to mention, these two powerhouse women teach everyone how to be a better photographer, only equipment necessary: a good attitude and phone camera!

2021 WE LOVE YOU ALREADY!!! 🎉❤️ Happy New Year L&A fam!!! 🥳 As we close the book on 2020, we’re taking some time to reflect... Though the past year was not anything like we had imagined it would be, we’re grateful for the simple blessings the year held ❤️ We refocused on the beauty in the little things and learned more than ever to never take a day for granted. Amidst heartbreak and scary unknowns, we were continually inspired by how you fought to choose joy ☀️ Thank you for being here and for sharing your light with us!! We’re so ecstatic to walk into 2021 together!! 🙌🏽 Swipe to see some of the absolute most precious before & afters from @melanie.c.reilly! 🤗 Preset used - Cozy Neutral 🤍 #thelightandairycollection #everydaywithlanda
Image via @LightandAiryPhotog Instagram

26. Tamara Williams

Tamara uses her own journey with mental health issues to inspire other photographers to pursue their dreams, despite what other people have to say about it. Her forte is unique to other photography Instagram accounts: one-of-a-kind close-up portraits with vibrant studio lighting. Portrait photographers will be drooling over each post.

Photo shared by Tamara Williams on December 03, 2020 tagging @chique_le_frique, @modelmalay, @womanslook, @paulineschmitz1, @modawoow, @baddiies.fr, @zheste_akkasi, @teenaglers, @globe_people, @globe_portraits, @shari.mua, @kanyevibes, @bolt_production, and @zilliongoals. Image may contain: 1 person, closeup.
Image by Tamara Williams

27. CreativeSoul Photography

This husband and wife duo stands out among other creators, as their soul vision is to celebrate under-celebrated beauty, through some of the most unique portraits that will inspire you to think bigger and do better. 

Photo by CreativeSoul Photography in Atlanta, Georgia with @crystalsalterego. Image may contain: 1 person, dancing.
Image by CreativeSoul Photography

28. Brandon Woelfel

Straight outta New York City, you’ll get lost in Brandon Woefels’ feed of magnificent, pop-color portraits. He brilliantly features “tap to edit” Instagram stories that takes photographers from the raw photo to the fully edited image. And if that wasn’t enough, he has inspired countless other photographers with his neon/bokeh style with an entire YouTube page devoted to showing you how to mimic his artistic license.

Photoshoot with Ballerina Isabella Fonte by Brandon Woelfel - Blog  Photography Tips - ISO 1200 Magazine
Image by Brandon Woelfel

29. Jenna Kutcher

From Minnesotian wedding photographer to building a social media marketing empire, Jenna Kutcher has done it all. She’s a fantastic resource for peeps who want to kick their photography Instagram accounts up a notch, and like a little empowering inspiration on the side.

Image via jennakutcher.com

30. Annie Mitova Photography

Take a walk on the wild side with Annie Mitova– every portrait is a masterpiece of its own, one part potent personality, one part mavelous mystery.

Photo by Annie Mitova on November 13, 2019. Image may contain: one or more people.
Image via Annie Motiva

31. Vincent Peters

Vincent contributes to two different photography Instagram accounts, one that features contemporary fine art, and the other that focuses on black-and-white portraits. It’s hard to say which account is the favorite, so you may as well follow both!

Photo shared by Vincent Peters on November 11, 2020 tagging @fotografiska, @britishgq, @artdeptagency, @paulsolomonsgq, @emmawatson, @jose_paulo_digitalart, @tristangodefroyagency, @cinema.magic, @cameraworkgallery, @fotografiska.ny, and @fotografiska.tallinn. Image may contain: 1 person.
Image by Vincent Peters

32. Light Livin Photography

Based in the Bay Area, Amber Courtney is a portrait photographer that showcases images oozing with love, whether it’s a just engaged couple or a mother and newborn. One scroll through her page will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. And if you’re looking for help with lighting, she’s got a free lighting guide on her website!

So many faves from this winter family session. 😍😍😍 it’s a little harder to edit with only 9 fingertips now but I’ll make it work. I have surgery either Friday or Monday for my hand so I’m thankful they can make me look almost normal again! It’s a miracle! Psa never ever swing the door shut behind you. Use the handle and gently close it! 🥺😭😭😭😱 #lightandairyportlandphotographer #lightandairyphotography#photosessionoutfits#familyphotography#familyposes#professionalphotographer#fineartphotography#winterorchard#christmasphotos#beautifulportraits#100layercake#thefountcollective#themotherhoodamthology#lapechejournal#cameramama#sonygirl#sonyphotography#benicaphotographer#walnutcreekphotograoher#danvillephotographer#sanramonphotographer#fairfieldphotographer#photographyeducation#theheartfulphotogs
Image by Light Livin Photography

33. Canon USA

None other than the official photography Instagram account for Canon USA, each image features jaw-dropping scenes from around the world. With everything from urban scapes to remote pockets, close-up portraits to socially-distanced marvels, there is something for every photographer at Canon.

CANON USAさんのインスタグラム写真 - (CANON USAInstagram)「#CanonExplorerOfLight  @zaknoyle is taking over our Instagram
Image by Canon USA

34. Breanne Weston

Priding herself on “capturing beauty in chaos,” Breanne Weston truly does bring the A-game to family portraits. While many photographers struggle getting top-teir shots of large groups, she makes it look like a breeze. But, fear not, Breanne offers posing guides! And tips and tricks to help you achieve the same success, all right from her photography Instagram page.

Chasing twins and three kids under 3, catching grasshoppers and picking wild sunflowers to put in Dads shirt pocket. That’s what this session looked like. Yep, it was chaotic but I wouldn’t change anything about how the flow of this session went! I actually love when kids are being a little wild during sessions. I know, I’m crazy but when kids don’t do everything the way I plan, it pushes me to be creative and then I end up with some of my most favorite images!
Image by Breanne Weston

35. Hannah Miller Photography

Did someone say #weddinginspo? Specializing in capturing the precious moments on and leading up to the wedding day, Hannah Miller is your gal. When in doubt, head to Hannah’s photography Instagram account for immediate engagement posing ideas.

Saint Simons Island: a dream location for a wedding.
Mackenzie and Edward shared the most beautiful wedding celebration. The Spanish moss, the incredible views of the gold course, and some really fun people made this day perfect. Congrats to the newlyweds!!

#blpassociates #stylemepretty #marthastewartweddings 
#highlandsncweddings #highlandsweddingphotographer #atlantaphotographer #atlantaweddingphotographer #alabamaweddingphotographer #alabamaweddings #birminghamweddingphotographer #30aphotographer #30aweddingphotographer #floridaweddingphotographer #contax645 #filmphotography #instagood #instagoodmyphoto #fujifilm #fuji400h #ishootfilm #mediumformat #southernwedding #instagood #instagoodmyphoto #weddingphotography #bridalmakeup
Image by Hannah Miller Photography

36. Ben Watts

Never a dull moment over on Ben Watts’ Instagram feed! He shows photographers how to create a vibrant environment for their models. This is his secret leading to even better, more upbeat images.

Photo shared by Ben Watts on January 10, 2021 tagging @xgabriela, @wattsupphoto, @rebekahforecast, @nextofficial, @marywilesmakeup, @jo_guy, @aliciaburke14, and @selectservices. Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and closeup, text that says 'Face Shield Direct Splash Protection Use remove protective Instructions:P the film outer before A'.
Image by Ben Watts

37. Mayessa

This mom-tog takes followers on a trip through daily-life, featuring fun family photos of her, her hubby, and their five kiddos. Every time you look through her feed, you’ll be inspired to start capturing even more photos of your loved ones.

Photo shared by amber on January 12, 2021 tagging @nationsphotolab, @serenaandlily, @lightsdotcom, @bfaithphotographydfw, @boutiquerugs, and @other.furniture. Image may contain: 5 people, indoor.
Image by Mayessa

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