Step off the imposter syndrome merry-go-round once and for all and step into your confidence, knowing you can attract the right clients and serve them well.

Serve from a place of integrity and value because you know your products are great — no more pushy, high-pressure salesman vibe!!

Wake up ready to tackle the day with the systems, tools, and mentorship you need to show up and serve as your best self.

Thrill your clients by creating artwork that hangs in their homes, AND still give them the low-res digital files of anything they purchase for sharing on social media.

Now imagine if you could...


It’s like you quit working 40 hours a week for someone else only to start working 80 hours a week for yourself!

Giving clients the high-res digital files because it just feels easier and you don’t want to feel pushy or salesy.

Feeling tremendous pressure to be as cheap as every other photographer.

Walking away from each session with more stress than money.

Handing over your beautiful photos to clients on a jump drive or an online gallery that will never see the light of day outside of social media!

Spending countless hours shooting and editing photos under pressure to deliver hundreds of images, like, yesterday.

Trying to get as many clients as possible and working what feels like all the time .

Tell me if this sounds like you…


Working photographer, coach, mama, and wife. Friend, I’m here to tell you that all this (and so much more) is possible for you with the boutique business model.

I’m Sarah Petty

Can you imagine  this life?

You can too! Now in addition to shooting for my own clients, the Joy of Marketing team and I teach the boutique business model so you can grow your business and get your life back!

the good news?


Boutique set me apart and earned me the designation of one of America’s most profitable portrait photographers. It allowed me to work fewer hours, spend more time with family, feel truly fulfilled, and make drastically more money.

Think of it this way: if shoot-and-burn is a trip to the grocery store for ingredients, boutique is a fine dining experience where you’re served at the highest level.


Instead of following the traditional ‘shoot and burn’ model, which relies on shooting hundreds of sessions a year for $200 each and spending hours editing digital files (most of which your clients will never look twice at), boutique relies on serving fewer clients better by turning your photos into high-quality wall art they will cherish forever. We know from experience that your boutique clients will gladly open their wallets and hug you at the same time!

Boutique is a radically different business model for portrait photographers– a model most people don’t even know exists!

Glad you asked!
what exactly is boutique?

The only 3-day, interactive event designed for boutique portrait photographers by one of America’s most profitable boutique photographers. This high-intensity event is designed to inspire and equip you with the latest boutique selling techniques, marketing tactics, and business strategies. Plus, it’s a chance to find your people– you know, other go-getters committed to building a business they love while putting family first.

Boutique Live


Sarah Petty’s New York Times bestselling book is your step-by-step guide to building a profitable photography business without getting caught up in the ‘price race to the bottom’!

Grab your copy for free (just pay shipping!)

Worth Every Penny


Join us each week for a behind the scenes look at what it takes to build a profitable (and fun) photography business.

The Worth Every Penny Joycast


Get your first $1K client in 30 days (yup, you read that right — that’s $1,000 in your bank account you didn’t have a month ago). Unlike other courses that start collecting digital dust after purchase, you’re coached in a community of like-minded students to grow your photography business. Learn what products to offer, how to price based on your market, how to attract your first ideal client, and serve your clients with a proven selling process to get that golden $1K order and hug!

The ultimate live implementation workshop that takes you from overwhelmed and overworked to boutique and loving it in just 8 weeks!

Boutique Breakthrough Workshop


Get the low down on how one of my students used my tips, tricks, and strategies to make over $11,000 in just 45 days.

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to profit.