The Photography Business Model That Generated $3 Million In Sales

By Tristan

I almost got stuck with a career I hated when I said goodbye to my 8-5 ad agency gig 21 years ago and opened Sarah Petty Photography.

Luckily I got out of the wrong photography business model before it was too late. I didn’t have to suffer through a lifetime of

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High School Senior Photography – Should You Change Your Session Pricing?

By Tristan

Do you need to change your sessions for high school senior photography?


Here's the thing...

The big difference between your normal family sessions and high school senior portraits is the amount of time you spend with them.

I remember when  I first started doing high school senior photography,

I charged them the same as

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What to do When a Photography Client Won’t come in for an In-Person Consultation?

By Tristan

I've been doing professional photography for 20 years, and every time I break my own rule and I do a photography session without meeting with the client ahead of time; something breaks down and I lose the order or they throw smoke-screen objections at me like, "I need to go

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