You Won’t Believe This 215 Square Foot Newborn Photography Studio

By Sarah Petty

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to run a newborn photography studio (but she is)...

Meet Amy Misakonis - a single mom of three and full-time “rocket scientist” (she works in the commercial crew program for NASA) who just opened her successful newborn photography studio in Satellite Beach, Fla.

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Tips for Photographers During the Coronavirus Emergency

By Sarah Petty

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis marks an unprecedented time for photographers. Shutdowns, grocery scrambles and government orders to stay at home have a tremendous impact on our livelihood.

What should you be doing as a photographer to remain productive during the Coronavirus?

First of all, get your head out of all the doom and

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5 Ways to Know If Go Boutique Live! Is For You

By Sarah Petty

Calling all photographers who want to make 2020 their best year yet…

I see you over there, and I KNOW this is your jam…

Maybe you’ve been wanting to make a change for a long time now, but don’t know where to start…

Here’s what I know: The best way for us to

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