When Should you Start Marketing for Your Photography Mini-Session Event?

By Tristan

When should you start marketing your photography mini-session event?

I see so many photographers, freaking out...

"I've gotta do Facebook. I have to put business cards or brochures at different places in town!"

Well here's the thing, you want to start marketing three weeks out.

I teach my students what to do with their

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How Often can I Have a Mini-Session Event?

By Tristan

I’m not like a lot of photographers who tell you NEVER to do mini-sessions.

But I have a pretty strong opinion on WHEN to do them….

And WHEN avoid them.

You may disagree with me....

But here’s what I've found works REALLY well. [watch the video above to find out]

What works for you?
Want to

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How Much Should your Photography Marketing Budget be?

By Tristan

I HATE photography marketing that’s expensive…

🚫 Facebook ads...

🚫🚫Paying someone to SEO your website …

🚫🚫🚫Mall displays….

Paid photography marketing sucks the money out of your bank account faster than you can make it.

🤷 So what should you if you're on a budget to get photography clients?

▶ Hit play for my advice.
Get a

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