Marketing Program FAQ

Marketing Program FAQ


Question #1:  Can I afford it?

Answer:  Here’s the deal, one new client pays for this entire year of proven marketing tactics, strategies and ideas. Either invest in learning how to market your business now or pay for it by learning marketing lessons the hard way with your own time, dollars and trial and error.

The way I look at it is you’ll be paying for it either way, and if I were you, I’d choose to pay a proven expert who has been where you are and who has successfully built the same type of business you’d like to build because your time is worth so much MORE.

Question# 2:  Do I have the time?

Answer:  Look, I’m going to be blunt here. If you can’t find one hour a week to market your business, then you’re not going to have a business left in a year.

You may want to consider scaling back and keeping your photography a hobby. That being said, each monthly video and audio module is   available for you to listen whenever you have the time. So if you’re booked all day, take an hour before bed to tune in.

Question #3:  Will this actually work for MY business?

I have been using these EXACT strategies in my successful boutique photography studio for over a decade.

Literally tens of thousands of buyers have purchased from us who are all getting results.

Whether you are new, experienced, home-based or have a retail location, this information is solid and proven.

We’ve been getting a ton of feedback from others who have already invested in with us.

Here is what they have said:


If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of marketing and know once and for all what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it, then sign up here for my yearlong marketing program .

Working photographer, coach, mama, and wife. Whether you’re looking to take your photography business full-time or simply make good money on a very part-time basis so you can contribute to your family financially and be your best self, we’ve got something for you.

I’m Sarah Petty

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