Success Stories

Emily Potts for Café Joy:

“Thank you so much for your amazing input yesterday.  Honestly, I thought “Why did I impulsively set up this consultation? Do I really need this?”  OMG!  Yes!  You were just what I needed;  and, I really appreciate your expertise in an area where I am so weak.  I am reviewing our talk and making plans and notes.  I will be watching the video when I get to civilization this weekend and am excited to be on a path toward finalizing my logo design. Your generous sharing (thank you again for all the extras) and wealth of knowledge combine to make you an amazing talent and I appreciate your being there for me.  I am looking forward to a continued relationship with you and Cafe Joy.”

Pricing critique was truly AWESOME! I more than doubled my sales with the help of Café Joy.
-Elissa Kadue

Tessa Swarthout from Light Love and Laugher Photography for Café Joy:

”How silly stupid good is that” (referring to Café Joy)
-Sarah Matzek

“I paid off my business loan a year early because of Cafe Joy.  And my second year as a member was even more of a benefit to my business because there were so many ideas when planning for year 2!”
-Jill Liebhaber, Jookie Portrait Boutique

“Thanks for continuing to add content and value to the mailings.  Definitely the best education investment I’ve made this past year!”

Laura Reese Heartsong Photography for Café Joy:

“I just wanted to shoot you a message and say YOU ARE AWESOME. Every single webcast I have listened to has been helpful, it is so nice to have people out there willing to share so much information, and even better to have someone compiling all of it. I can not thank you enough!”
-Victoria Harris

“APPRECIATED the marketing webinar information.  I particularly liked seeing how one can make graphs of info for marketing objectives in a calendar placed against a sales summary graph of the year.  I also found helpful the boxed diagram showing how one’s promotional plan nests inside of the marketing mix nesting inside of the marketing plan nesting inside of the business plan. Very logical and grounding for me.   I am an example of a business owner relocating from high high rent in a shopping plaza in coastal California to a much lower rent fun funky space in a high trafficked corner location less than a mile away.  Now we are in a “village” atmosphere with rent reduction of 60%.  Our business plan has been modified and refined and Café Joy’s marketing guidance is extremely helpful in focusing my concentration.  Again, thank you.  I look forward to the experience of this entire year!”
-Barbara Crawford

Lindsay Bonnice for Cafe Joy:

“This was really good!  I’ve heard much of the info before, but somehow the way this was put together really made sense to me and I feel like I can move forward with ideas and plans now. Thanks!”

Hey, Sarah, Erin, Tim and Bev. I just wanted to take a minute and share a quick testimony about the effect Marketing U has had on our business this Fall. Before attending, our portrait sales were stumbling along, as my sales associates, Amy and Jennifer, really didn’t have any sales training, and I had been focusing on the wedding side of things because I didn’t know how to sell portraits either. But our time spent as students at Marketing U this past summer has already paid off big-time! In our first full season of retail business here in our new market of St. Petersburg, our sales averages have more than DOUBLED, as we are now averaging over $3,000 per sale! I’m not positive about this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that would put us alongside some elite company, as far as studio averages nationwide. We know we have a long way to go, in order to build a lasting brand, but we are so excited about 2010, as we go through our first full year applying all that we have learned from our awesome mentors, Sarah and the Waldens. We feel so blessed to have had the experience we had last July with you all, and believe we are on the right track to continued success, thanks to your investment in us.

Thank you for all you do for us and other new boutique studios across the nation. We appreciate you all and I just wanted to share that testimony to bring a smile to your faces today, in the midst of the busy holiday season.

God bless,
Team Cannonfire Photography (Jason, Amy and Jennifer)

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