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Simplified Photography Pricing Formula Program

Set prices built to last and start earning a profit you can depend on... even if you hate math!

Pricing made simple – and more profitable than ever before!


Ready for payday?

If you’re like most photographers, payday can’t get here soon enough.

But not because you’re eager to put another check towards your dream home or an amazing family vacation—

You can’t wait for that next paycheck because you’re barely making enough to stay ahead of your bills and debts, even though you own your own business.

It’s not supposed to be like this!

You’re a skilled professional producing one-of-a-kind art for your clients. That should come with financial security and real independence.

Other photographers have it. Even some of your competitors have it.

So what are you missing?

Profitable prices.

Until you learn how to set profitable prices, you’ll never come close to getting what you know you’re worth out of the time and talent you pour into your business.

But pricing doesn’t have to be an “issue” that sidelines your success!

Created by one of the most profitable photographers in the U.S.— Sarah Petty— the Simplified Photography Pricing Formula shows you how to truly master the art and science of pricing… even if you think you’re terrible at math!

The Simplified Photography Pricing Formula is packed with expertly crafted tools designed to blow up your profits, like:

  • The 9-Step Super Simplified Pricing Formula for Non-Math People

Crunching the numbers behind your price list doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. Make the math work for you with 9 easy steps!

  • The Design Your Perfect Life Worksheet

What do you want out of life? How do you plan to get there? This worksheet will help you put together a real plan of action to make it happen.

  • Paint-by-Number Payday Planner

Knowing how to budget your money is essential to making the most out of your income. The Paint-by-Number Payday Planner takes the stress out of putting together a payday schedule you can count on.

  • Plug-and-Profit Calculator

Take the guesswork out of your next paycheck. How much do you want to make and what do you need to earn to get there? Get real answers with the Plug-and-Profit Calculator.

  • The “Any Market Any Size” Photography Pricing Playbook

Worried your market is too small to make what you want? Learn how to make the most of your market (even if you’re in the middle of an Illinois cornfield like Sarah Petty Photography)!

  • Sarah Petty’s Behind-the-Scenes Profit Evaluation

How great would it be to have Sarah Petty sit down beside you and show you what really goes into a profitable price list? Well, she’s done it! See for yourself in the Behind-the-Scenes Profit Evaluation!

And there’s more!

What will your next paycheck mean to you?

Will it be devoured by your bills before you even have a chance to appreciate it… or will it be the turning point in your success story?

Don’t waste another day struggling with your prices!

Get the Simplified Photography Pricing Formula program and get excited about payday!

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