Photography Selling

Selling In A Flash: Photography Booking Techniques

Learn how the right words and knowing EXACTLY what to say can turn 20 minute conversations into consistent bookings.

Do you ever get tired of hoping against hope for that elusive big order? What would it mean for your life and your business if you knew EXACTLY how to turn a 15 minute conversation into a guaranteed, profitable booking?

Selling In A Flash: Photography Booking Techniques reveals Sarah Petty’s personal process that exploded her photography business in record time. With Selling In A Flash you get a proven system to weed out the “trouble” clients, find the “right” ones, and realistically increase your sales by 10, 20, even 50%… with little to no extra effort.

And you don’t have to become a “pushy salesman” to do it!

With Selling In A Flash: Photography Booking Techniques, you’ll get:

1. “Booking the Right Clients” Video Lesson – This extremely valuable video lays out the 7 simple steps that need to take place every time you speak to a potential client. You’ll learn how to build rapport, how to create value, and how to “talk price” without freaking anyone out in the process.

2. “What Makes You Different” Audio Lesson – When you discover the answer to this question your photography business will blast off into the stratosphere. You’ll finally understand how to attract higher value clients who truly “get” what you do and are ready and willing to pay you for it. You’ll also learn how to develop your own unique identity and move from marketing a commodity to selling yourself. The vital key that makes everything else fall into place.

3. “What Makes You Different” PDF Worksheet – This comprehensive worksheet walks you step-by-step through the process of developing your own brand and comes complete with everything you need to assemble your research, thoughts, and ideas into a business you can be deeply passionate about and truly enjoy!

PLUS! Bonus 7 B’s Cheat Sheet – This “cheat sheet” puts the “7 B’s of the 1st Phone Call” at your fingertips next to your phone, computer, or even on your iPad. Before long you’ll be a master at identifying and booking the “right” clients, and this irreplaceable blueprint will guide you every step of the way.