Photography Selling

Photography Selling System

Finally, A Way to Get Bigger Photography Orders Without Really Selling….

It’s in our DNA to feel uncomfortable when it comes to selling our photography.

When we start out, most of us set our photography prices so low that everyone can afford us. We’re practicing our skills and making a little money on the side.

And it works for a while.

Especially when we listen to that nagging voice in our heads reminding us that we’re not good enough photographers to make more money anyway.

So we put money on the backburner….

Someday our photography will get good enough that the money will just work itself out.

But it doesn’t!

And a few years into your life as a professional photographer, you’re working harder than ever to please your clients…

…putting in longer hours and not even keeping up….

  • But you aren’t making the money you thought you would…
  • You don’t have the free time you expected…
  • Your family is resenting your camera and your business …

This isn’t the life you pictured when you became a photographer.

So what should you do?

The only way to stay in business was to get my clients to order more.

But How?

I wasn’t even making enough to pay a babysitter, so getting more clients and more hours of work wasn’t the answer.

I was already working the max I could.

A week would turn into a month and I wouldn’t hear from them.

But I wasn’t anywhere near close to replacing the salary I’d left.

I started experimenting in 4 places:

My Role as a Photographer

I realized I was in competition with people even cheaper than me when I saw myself as just a photographer who showed up and took a few pictures. I had to become more and I had to be able to talk about what made me different.

My Clients’ Experience

I started paying attention to how luxury goods were sold and saw that my sales process was more like Wal Mart, but I needed people to spend like they would at Nieman Marcus. This helped me get clear on what words I needed to use when talking to clients and what the experience should look like for the client.

What Products I Offered

I strategically selected a handful of products that focused on custom wall art instead of including proofs or digital files with a session. This allowed my client averages to skyrocket.

How Clients Ordered

Instead of giving proofs and letting clients decide on their own, I created a golden hour sales timeline where I sit with clients for one hour and help them envision what I can do for them as an artist.

And after lots of trial and error, I perfected a helpful, personalized process of selling my images without really selling.

And I call it the Photography Selling System.

Who is the Photography Selling System For?

Portrait & Wedding Photographers Whose Client Orders are Consistently Less than $1,500

Whether you’re a beginner with big dreams or an experienced photographer seeing low cost digital files chip away at your hard earned business….this course has helped over 700 photographers just like you.

Here’s Exactly How It Works

Over 5 weeks, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating a sales process that lets you sell without feeling salesy.

You’ll be doing a happy dance after you easily transition your tiny orders (and your existing client base) to this no hassle, in person sales process.

Will the Photography Selling System Work for You?

After teaching over 700 photographers my Photography Selling System, I’ve realized that not everyone can be successful at selling.

If any of these describe you, the Photography Selling System is a good fit:

  • You’re a professional portrait or wedding photographer whose client orders are consistently UNDER $1,500.
  • This course is not for commercial photographers or hobby photographers
  • You’re more comfortable behind the camera than trying to sell your photos to a client.
  • You’re stuck in a low price model mostly selling digital files, but potential clients still say “You’re too expensive!”
  • You’re ready to work with clients who will invest $1,500 or more for your photography (and not feel guilty about it), you just aren’t sure how to get there from where you are.
  • You’re not requiring a pre-session consultation.
  • You’re putting clients’ images in an online gallery and letting them take control of their order.

If any of these are you, here’s the good news.

You CAN be successful with my Photography Selling System.