Finding clients, selling portraits, balancing #FamilyFirst…

And everything behind the scenes on how you can run a profitable photography business without selling digital files for cheap, living on social media, or working ALL THE TIME.

Episode 9: Hate Selling Your Photography? Hit Play!

It saddens me how much guilt, shame and anxiety photographers have over selling their photography. You might be paralyzed by the fear of being rejected or heck, even just the thought of someone thinking you’re pushy or salesy. So instead of creating a business that serves your clients as well as YOU, you want to keep everyone happy and end up giving it all away or competing to be the cheapest. But instead of feeling good about keeping everyone happy, you start to resent your clients and your business because you’ve burned up your most valuable asset – your time. And the worst part, you have little or no money in the bank to show for it. I want to break down for you how S-E-L-L doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word if you come from a place of service. Stick with me because you’re going to get REALLY actionable steps to follow and by the end of this episode, you’ll see that not only are you helping your clients by selling to them, you actually have a moral obligation to do it. If you’re a photographer who hates to sell, press play now.


Episode 8: How to Work From Home with Kids And Still Get Things Done

Your life has suddenly been thrown into a tailspin. Your children have descended upon you and every 5 minutes they need to be fed, need to use your computer for home schooling that you didn’t ever sign up for. They want you to play with them…to entertain them. It’s a good day if everyone in the family only cries once. So about your work routine. Yeah…what routine? In this absolute chaos you’ve been dumped on with jobs you didn’t apply for – teacher/principal, parent, disciplinarian, av department, 24/7 cook, cleaning staff. How are you supposed to keep your business going? Take a deep breath and stick with me because on today’s joycast, we’ll talk about how to work from home with kids and still get things done so you don’t end up fighting your kiddos for a corner to cry in.


Episode 7: What to Do When Your Family Doesn’t Believe In You

We’ve all had it happen. A well-meaning friend or relative tries to give you business advice on what you should and shouldn’t do in your photography business. But they aren’t an expert at all. Your hubby who says “You have to sell digital files.” Or your mom who says “everyone other photographer around here charges under $200 and you’re new so you better be cheaper.” Or your friend who says “I’d never pay that for pictures and no one I know will either.” If you’ve ever had a conversation like this with a loved one, I’m talking to YOU in this episode. So hit play and learn how you can still share what’s going on in your business with your family without having to accept their business advice.

how to fix your photography marketing

Episode 6: 5 Reasons Your Photography Marketing Isn’t Working

Marketing. It is one of the hardest things to learn and implement successfully when you’re a business owner. Second-guessing every idea. Letting fear of doing it wrong paralyze you from doing anything at all. When I think back to my years of working at an ad agency, I remember seeing the same thing from client after client. So trust me on this one, photographer friend. You’re not alone in this. Most business owners try marketing, but don’t do it correctly. So when it doesn’t work, they start to build up head trash about why they aren’t good at it or why marketing just doesn’t work for them. Jumping from thing to thing to thing – Instagram, Facebook ads, blogging, Pinterest, email newsletters, magazines…. they don’t stick with anything long enough to make it work and the downward spiral continues. Listen. If this is you, it’s not your fault! Hang with me because I have identified the top 5 reasons your marketing isn’t working. And by the end of this joycast, I want you to know why things aren’t working for you and what you can do about it!


Episode 5: 3 Ways Your Photography Business Can Survive Any Disruption

One thing is for certain. If you are in business long enough, you’re going to hit some kind of disruption that’s outside of your control. It could be a weather related like a flood or tornado, a health issue with a family member or even a world-wide pandemic. If you’ve ever found yourself worrying about how to keep your business going when everything around you is falling apart, you’re in the right place today. Just because your life is in chaos doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Let’s chat about 3 ways your photography business can survive any disruption while at the same time, you can say yes to your family when they need you. Stick with me…


Episode 4: Are you Good Enough to Make Money With Photography?

Are you actually good enough to make money with your photography and start a photography business? Can you replace your income so you can quit your day job? Are you good enough to look people in the eye and tell them you’re a professional photographer? These are the lessons I learned about how to start a photography business, even when I thought I wasn’t good enough. And it might just shock you.  How to Stop The Guilt of Making Money with Your Photography Business I was raised to believe that you have to get a degree in college to be qualified for something. So, I got a business degree and I started my career at Coca-Cola. I had a marketing degree, worked in the marketing department, and everything felt like it was in place. When I decided to do photography, I had no formal training. I had no idea how to start a photography business, which is probably what created all of my head trash. I told myself I was not good enough, not qualified, and an imposter photographer. I told myself there would be no way to make money with my photography business. I felt really guilty. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to just pick up a camera and decide to be a professional photographer. Not to mention, making money from selling my photography. But, there I was, paying taxes on the income from my photography sessions. People would ask me what I did, I would say, “I’m a photographer,” and they would always ask me where I studied. I didn’t go to school to get a four year degree in photography. That’s when I’d start to feel like an imposter Getting My Photography Business on Track  I was tired of listening to this head trash, so I…


Episode 3: Why it Doesn’t Matter if Another Photographer is Cheaper

I hear from photographers every day, “But Sarah, I have so much competition in my market. I have to match their prices.” I’m dedicating this Joycast episode to forgetting the competition because what they’re doing is irrelevant to you. Think about it. Everyone has competition. Where there’s a Walgreens, there’s a CVS right next door. Where there’s a Target, there’s a Walmart next door. Where there’s one fast-food restaurant, there are many within a mile. As photographers with the invention of digital cameras, it’s never been easier for people to call themselves a professional photographer, and they’re everywhere. But here’s the secret: you don’t have to compete with other photography businesses in order to be the best.


Episode 2: I Stopped Selling Digital Files. Here’s What Happened.

I was just a mom of newborn twins who wanted to add a little income from photography so that things weren’t so tight, but it felt impossible until I figured out how to save myself and save my dream of being a photographer who could put my family first. On this episode, I’ll share how I saved my business and what to do to save yours too.

How A Mom with Newborn Twins Left Her Full Time Job & Built a Profitable Photography Business

Episode 1: How A Mom with Newborns Left Her 9-5 & Built a Profitable Photography Business

Hey, Joy Friends. It’s Sarah Petty, and welcome to the first-ever episode of the Worth Every Penny joy-cast. Today, I’m going to share how I accidentally became a professional photographer and why I’m so passionate about helping anyone out there whose dream is to have a career that provides you an income for doing something you’d probably do for free, without having to sacrifice family time. I think now people see my cool studio and they think my life and journey were super easy, but instead of giving you the highlight reel of what’s great about my life as a photographer now, I’m openly sharing my journey from the beginning as a mom with three kids under three, with a badly broken business, because I want you to know that no matter how bad things are in your photography business today, there is hope. You can fix it. Let’s get started.