Finding clients, selling portraits, balancing #FamilyFirst…

And everything behind the scenes on how you can run a profitable photography business without selling digital files for cheap, living on social media, or working ALL THE TIME.

Episode 20: The Myth of Thinking “I Already Know That”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard me say something and thought, “Sarah, I already know that.” No hard feelings. I know you aren’t a “know it all,”  but be honest. You’ve probably thought that before.  Here’s the truth. There’s a pretty big difference between knowing something in your brain and actually living it out. You have to live out what you know to grow your photography business. If your photography business isn’t where you want it to be, there’s a chance you’ve let yourself think “I already know that”.  I ran across a past student the other day, who has been a part of the online photography business classes I’ve taught over the years. She knows my systems. She can recite the seven Bs of the first phone call or the 12 Ps of the IPS. But her averages aren’t what they could be.  She isn’t breezing through her photography business the way she wants. When I gave her advice she told me, “But Sarah, I already know that.” My question to her, and you, is  “Are you living out what you know?” If you’ve been a student of mine over the years and you think, I learned this from Sarah, but I’m still not great at it, I’m not going to yell at you. I know you know it, but just aren’t doing it. I learned this over many years as a business coach helping people grow their photography business.  Knowing and doing are two different things when trying to grow your photography business. After seeing this happen with several students I sat down and studied it. I tried to figure out where they are now from where they started. Mastery lives on a spectrum. You aren’t terrible at something and then become awesome at it in a…


Episode 19: Comparing Yourself to Other Photographers? Do This Today.

Your stomach drops. The lump in your throat appears out of nowhere along with the tears. Another photographer in your space just got a $5,000 order. As much as you want to celebrate with them, the volume of your headtrash is up to level 10. You think, “How come I’m not getting orders like that yet? Is it my prices? My marketing? My photography? “Maybe I should throw in the towel and go sell essential oils.”   Comparing yourself to other photographers is easy. We’ve all gone down the spiral of comparison before. I’m going to show you how to use comparison to lift yourself up instead of pulling you down.  I’ve spoken to several photographers lately who have told me they’re feeling super discouraged. They see so many photographers getting results and giant orders on our Instagram, in our coaching programs, and they hear me talking about success story after success story when I do web trainings. The success stories in our community are spreading faster than termites in a wood-house.  I know exactly how you feel. When I joined the mastermind group with my mentor, there were some mega-entrepreneurs sitting elbow to elbow with me.  When you sit in a room and hear how others are growing by millions and hitting the goals that have been yours for years, it’s only human to walk out feeling defeated and insecure. In these situations where you are comparing yourself to other photographers, you have to tell yourself, “They’re doing it. If they’re doing it, I can figure it out and do it myself.”  Comparing Yourself To Other Photographers is the Thief of Joy You might be thinking, “Why is everyone else succeeding and I’m not?” One of our past presidents, Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s…


Episode 18: I Double my Photography Income September – December. Here’s How.

I Tripled My Photography Income September – December. Here’s How.
This may sound a little bit savage, but hear me out because the coach in me can’t help but get a *little* fired up when I see you out there dabbling with your photography business.
Now before you say, “Who me?!” and snuggle back into being content to make whatever money falls in your lap from your photography this year, listen up.
If you’re thinking about throwing in the towel for the year because your photography business hasn’t looked like you thought it would back in January. Pu-lease.
No one’s photography business looks like we thought it would back in January, mine included.
But here’s a little secret it took me a few years to learn.
A portrait photographer makes ALL their profit from September – December.
And in this episode, I’m going to show you HOW so that the last 4 months of the year completely turn your 2020 around. It’s SUPER juicy so grab your notebook and press play now.


Episode 17: The 1 Change You Can Make to Grow Your Photography Business Now

We all look for proof of our false beliefs. We want to be right so darn bad that we’ll SELF-SABOTAGE our dreams. It’s a real phenomenon called confirmation bias. And it’s standing in the way of you and that photography business that you want. The business that can solve your money problems. The business that can even solve your relationship problems.

how to plan photography marketing

Episode 16: How I Plan My Photography Marketing

On today’s episode, I’m going to share with what actually works better for me when it comes to planning my photography marketing. If you’re staring at a blank marketing plan, not sure where to start. Or you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning past tomorrow due to all the uncertainty in the world right now, this episode is for you. I’m sharing one SIMPLE tool that I call the drip and the hammer. I learned back in my days at a marketing director at an ad agency and it literally changed everything for me. I’m pretty sure it will change how you look at your marketing moving forward, too. Get ready, friend. Let’s do this.


Episode 15: How To Make Decisions When You’re Stuck (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of how to make decisions in your business when you’re stuck. Because there’s nothing worse than being stuck in indecision prison. Let’s be real, there’s not a photography business owner on earth who hasn’t experienced it. And it’s keeping you from doing a good job in ANY of your roles in life.  On part two of How to Make Decisions When You’re Stuck, I’m diving a little bit deeper into four more decision-making filters that help portrait photographers improve their photography businesses. So first, if you haven’t listened to part one, go back and do that here. Now let’s get started with part two. Make Decisions to Put Family First in Your Photography Business  Number five. It’s a core value. It’s what drives me to be the person I want to be and is one of the most important things in my business. I put my #familyfirst. Family first is so important to me because we don’t leave the safety and stability of a job if there’s not a benefit bigger than money. We always want to put our family first.  Do I have guilt about leaving my photography business to go on a college visit with my youngest child recently? Heck no. That is why I work so hard. I’m addicted to college visits, so there is no way I would miss them. I put these things on my calendar and work around them.   Sometimes my kids want me to do something with them in the afternoon. It doesn’t happen often, but why have guilt about that? If my schedule is open and I don’t have to reschedule a client, I can go. If I had a boss, they’d laugh and say, “No, you have to be here at 9:00 AM and take lunch from…

how to make decisions

Episode 14: How to Make Decisions When You’re Stuck

You might be in a season where even the simplest decisions trip you up. You are avoiding every decision from what to make for dinner to whether you should rebrand your photography business. You’re stuck in a rut, seconds away from a toddler in target meltdown and it feels pretty terrible. I’ve been there. I’m going to share a tool with you that I use when I’m stuck. It reminds me of what’s important, and it serves as a filter to help me make decisions quickly in my photography business.  It’s funny because the first years I was in business, I felt like every day I was remaking the same decisions about my photography business.  I remember being asked about donating to auctions. Should I change my prices? When should I reprint my prices? Should I change my website? I still felt like I was guessing or I was stalling or I was avoiding making them. Do you ever feel this way? I would come across challenges and I would stew on them. Should I do this? Should I not do this? What if I hold off till later? How can I fix it? Should I just do the opposite of what I did last time? I would think, “I did this last time. I don’t know if it worked or not, but let’s try the other way. What if I totally make the wrong decision? Could be bad repercussions. People could laugh at me or talk about me.” I think what a lot of us do is we just get paralysis by analysis or decision fatigue. I heard my selling coach say recently, “More money is lost because of indecision then bad decisions.”  Every day we make so many decisions, but we put off the important ones.  Simplify Your Decisions…


Episode 13: Need a Photography Client? Do This Now!

Hey portrait photographer. What if I told you I could help you find a client who could afford your photography in the next few minutes….without EVER even stepping foot in your town. You’d probably say Sarah, you’re crazy. Well, friend, today’s your lucky day because I’m going to prove it to you right now. The truth is, no matter where you live, there are people with disposable income. You just haven’t learned HOW to look for them. So today I’m going to teach you a tool I created called “Follow the Mower” so you’ll know exactly where to go to find a portrait photography client who can afford you right now. Hit play and let’s get started!


Episode 12: How Much Can A Photographer Make?

Do you ever wonder if you can really make MONEY as a portrait photographer in a world of shoot-and-burners doing it cheaper? Or if the day will EVER come that you can replace your paycheck from the job you don’t even like with the money you’d make doing photography? If you’re like me, juggling family, life and all the things, you need some assurances that every second you pour into this photography business is worth your time, right? Even if you’re not looking for a 6-figure income from photography, you need to know what’s possible for YOU, in today’s world, in your market, as a professional portrait photographer.


Episode 11: What No One Ever Told You About Failure

Failure is such a crazy thing for photographers isn’t it? It’s something we spend hours obsessing about before it even happens! We give it control over us to the point where we’re afraid to even “try” something. We’re consumed with what ifs. What if it doesn’t go well? What will people think of me? Even worse, I’ll feel bad, embarrassed, ashamed. And I don’t want those yucky feelings. So I avoid even trying.
It doesn’t even matter if you just guessed at it or didn’t have any type of model to follow because we blame only ourselves for our failure. Fear of failure is real thing, friend.
But there’s something you’ve NEVER been told about failure. So hit play and listen up if the F word has been tripping you up.