We’re humbled by the expert opinions of our small business marketing book, Worth Every Penny:  Build a Business That Thrills Your Customer and Still Charge What You’re Worth.

Here are a few words of praise from thought-leaders we have studied throughout the years or been privileged to do business with:


Photo of Michael Gerber, book reviewer of Worth Every Penny

“I’ve written a few forewords in my life, but only for special books. Books that touched upon an entrepreneurial subject that had long ago been beaten to death but that did so with a verve, style, and substance that illuminated the well worn, weary subject in a way that stimulated a new and original take on it. Of course, in my mind, this book is such a book.”

— Michael E. Gerber, Author of the E-Myth books; Founder, Origination, Founder and Chief Dreamer, The Dreaming Room.


Photo of John Jantsch, marketing book review of Worth Every Penny

“This is a business book that isn’t filled with theory or fluff. It lays out a proven way of running a small business that will show you how to get every penny you’re worth.”

— John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape MarketingThe Referral Engine and The Commitment Engine.


Photo of  Anita Cambpell, marketing book review of Worth Every Penny

“Sarah and Erin have written a guide to help you create and operate the business you’ve always dreamed of—one where you can charge what you’re really worth! A must-read for every small business owner.”

— Anita Campbell, founder and co-author of Visual Marketing.


Photo of  John Dijulius, book review of Worth Every Penny

“Petty and Verbeck clearly demonstrate how any business that follows their blueprint can make price irrelevant by creating an extraordinary customer experience.”

— John R . Dijulius III, author of What’s the Secret: Toproviding a World-Class Customer Experience.


Photo of Brian Tracy, book reviewer of Worth Every Penny

“This book shows you how to make better and more profitable sales in your business, growing by increasing your value offering and making your customers happier.”

Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling.


Photo of Pamela Bruner marketing book reviewer

“ I honestly have to say that Worth Every Penny is one of the best business books I’ve ever read. The information is presented clearly, in an easy-to-digest format. The stories are delightful and memorable, and perfectly illustrate the important teaching points. This book is a combination of solid marketing and business advice, presented in a fresh new way, and some engaging twists that had me taking notes for my business and my clients. Bravo!”

Pamela Bruner, business success coach.


Photo of George Varanakis book reviewer of Worth Every Penny

“Sarah Petty has rocked the photography industry and put big money in many photographers’ pockets with her boutique business model. This book is the real deal and can help any small-business owner who wants to make money doing what they love.”

George Varanakis, Former executive vice president and group publisher of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.


Image of Tim Walden and Bev Walden for book review

“After readingSarah and Erin’s book, all we can say is that we wish this type of business education was available when we first started our  photography studio. We especially love the action steps at the end of each chapter, which helped us put into practice the information we’d just read. This book should be required reading for anyone who is thinking about going into business for themselves.”

Tim And Beverly Walden, Walden’s Photography.


Photo of Mark Weber for marketing book review

“I have to say It’s one of the best marketing books ever and I love how you gave a variety of business scenarios beyond the photography industry.  Outstanding!  It’s a fast paced read packed full of golden information.  It’s sure to be on every business owners bookshelf, Kindle or iPad!  Well done.  I will highly recommend it to everyone.”

— Mark Weber, M.Photog., Cr., MEI., CPP | director, consulting services Marathon Press


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