Zappos – fun to say AND order from

Don’t we all love the web? Things we either can’t find or don’t have time to shop for are now at our doorstep what seems like seconds later. My co-worker told me about Zappos. She said literally one night she ordered shoes at about 6 pm and they were on her doorstep at 10 am the next day. About the only thing faster would be Willie Wonka’s space travel machine. So I tried it and now I too am a Zappos junkie. And if you need to exchange, they send out the new without receiving the old back first. It doesn’t seem like that would be so hard.

To succeed in business, you must make people remember something about you, and make sure it is something great. Are your products faster (Zappos), packaged better (Tiffanys), in a cooler space (Anthropologie) or designed better (Apple).

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