Uncovering the Mystery that is SEO with Kent Lewis, Joysummit speaker



I hear the words SEO and my mind autmatically puts up flashing lights and road blocks. I consider myself a relatively intelligent person, but for whatever reason when it comes to talking about Google algorithms and how to write copy that makes my website show up in search the alarms go off in my brain saying DANGER! I just can’t seem to get my head around it. I KNOW it’s important for every busines to understand search engine marketing, yet for whatever reason, up until now it’s been impossible for me to grasp.


So when it came time to find speakers for The Small Business Marketing Joysummit, one of my first tasks was to find someone who could teach me SEO. Luckily for all of us, I found a great one! Meet Kent Lewis, President of Formic Media and an SEO expert. Kent will share with us Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals on Monday, June 28 at the Free Small Business Marketing Joysummit.


For a sneak peek of what Kent will teach on Monday, listen here! And don’t forget to register for The Small Business Marketing Joysummit, free for 24 hours at www.thejoyofmarketing.com/joysummit.

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