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In this week’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast, Sarah and I tackle the Groupon / Living Social / daily deal websites debate. As a small business owner, is it ever a good idea to sell your products or services using group buying? Luxury brands like The Four Seasons Resort use Groupon as well as smaller local business owners. So how do they do it and make it work for them?

It’s a fun episode as we are on different sides of the debate.  You’ll want to get our expert marketing help before pulling the trigger on group buying.

We share the pros and cons and what you need to consider before using this method to promote your products or services. There are some things you may not have thought about like your opportunity to upsell or how you’ll handle full paying clients when the demand from discounted clients is so great.

We’ll even give you guidelines for how to make it work if you meet the criteria for a business who could use group buying to their advantage without long term damage to their brand. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in here. And make sure you subscribe to our Small Business Marketing Ideas Podcast in itunes so you can get each new episode as soon as it’s released. And be sure to share your Groupon experience with us here! We’d love to hear it.

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