The morning after Halloween. | Joy of Marketing

The morning after Halloween.

I am sitting here in my living room watching my kids sort, count and trade their halloween candy and my husband just turned on Fox and Friends morning show. To my delight, the guest was Gary Vaynerchuk, the wine guy. He was brilliant. Obviously he was on to promote his new book, Crush It, but his spin was great. He was showing which wines to pear with which candies! He showed which wine goes with peanut butter cups and why, which wine goes with chocolate coated candies, etc. What most people don’t know, is that while FOX may have contacted him with that idea, he might have been responsible for landing that high-value, free publicity! He probably has an publicity agent who is out there pitching these stories, but we small businesses must create these opportunities for ourselves. Think for a little bit about creative ways you can pitch a newsworthy story to the media about your business!!

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