Sarah Petty's tips for delighting your clients after the sale

Sarah Petty's tips for delighting your clients after the sale

people think that the sale ends when the client places their order on the day
of the presentation. They write a check or give a credit card and they leave. Well, the sale is definitely not over at
this point. There are so many other things that have to be done to complete the
circle of that relationship as a small business owner. It’s what sets you apart from the big box stores and keeps your clients coming back to you for more.


a consumer, a lot of times we don’t want to reach out and have to say we
weren’t happy with something because, of course, then that could lead to
conflict and none of us like conflict. So it’s so important for you as a
business owner to reach out and follow up after the pick up, on a completely
separate day, to make sure that your clients are thrilled.

one week after they pick up you call them on the phone, just to find out how
they’re doing and make sure that everything worked okay and give them the
opportunity to tell you if there’s a problem.

times there’s one little thing that people aren’t happy with and this allows
you the opportunity to fix that. Maybe the hooks on the back of their frame
were off by a quarter of an inch and they were struggling with how to hang the

like that are important because, one, it affords you the opportunity to be able
to go in and change those hooks and, two, you might have been hanging those the
same way for years and nobody ever pointed out to you that it made hanging the
artwork very difficult. That
gives you great research and information that helps you streamline your process
and make sure that you are pleasing your other clients in the future as well.

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