The Power of a Dynamic Dog Whistle

Often I talk about the dog whistle marketing pieces I use to signal to the right clients that I’m the photographer for them.

Here’s how it worked for me in the airport flying home from speaking at Wedding MBA (and how it can work for you, too).

I sat next to a woman while we waited to board. As we casually talked about business travel and missing our families, I mentioned my twin teenagers. It turned out she has twins the same age.

She asked if I had any pictures to share. I always carry my dog whistle marketing piece –  my most recent holiday card of my family. I know that if the piece impresses the person; they are the right client for me.

The woman freaked out.

The dog whistle worked like a charm! She lives 90 minutes away from me in St. Louis and wants me to photograph her family. I quickly added her info to my web-based database so I know to follow up for her consultation. This one new client will pay for my new dog whistle this year.

If you don’t have a dog whistle for your business, you’re missing out on your single most important marketing tool. You can check out samples of my dog whistles I’ve used below.

These mini card decks make a great dog whistle AND they’re portable.
This foldable dog whistle is a fun one to give to prospects.
How about an invitation-style dog whistle?
My senior clients love this dog whistle
How about this colorful eye-catching dog whistle?

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I’m Sarah Petty

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