Kay Eskridge - Joy to the World Websummit

Kay Eskridge – Joy to the World Websummit


Kay Eskridge is most grateful for while being in the industry for over 23
years, is being given the chance to become part of her clients’ lives and watching
families grow. She has seen newborns become children, who grow into
teenagers, then evolve into young adults and begin their own families. Read
more about Kay in my brief Q and A. And if
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What do you wish you would’ve known when you started your business? 

being a professional photographer was NOT just about ‘taking pretty pictures’.
. . It was about being a smart business person, understanding how important
customer care is, being willing to evolve and adapt and that it would NOT be

Q: What
is one interesting fact that people don’t know about you? 

A: I have
photographed 4 Presidents of the United States.

Q: What
is the best advice you have ever been given regarding your business and by
whom?  A: To use my heart before I see with my eyes .
. . from my mother.

Q: If
you weren’t a photographer, what would you do for a living?   

A: I honestly
don’t know.  I’ve never even considered
being anything but a photographer.

Q: Who
are some of your mentors? 

A: Saying Sarah
Petty would be just plain old sucking up 🙂 Michael Taylor taught me how to
‘see’ light, Tony Corbell showed me how to ‘use the light’, Ann Montieth taught
me how to use my brain as a business person, Helen Yancy reminded me to always
take time to do something just for myself, Lori Nordstrom reminds me to use my
heart, Joe Paglia showed me that I ‘could’ and Dave Junion reminds me how to

Q: Please
share anything else you think would be fascinating to help photographers market
their business: 

A: Partnership
marketing is invaluable! Create relationships with other businesses that have
your same target market and cross promote, design displays, offer to help them
with their photography needs, etc.  This
will help you reach your ‘perfect client’ without investing in wasted
advertising dollars.  Value yourself,
your time, your skills and your talent! You are one of the world’s record
keepers and what you are and do is important! 


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Working photographer, coach, mama, and wife. Whether you’re looking to take your photography business full-time or simply make good money on a very part-time basis so you can contribute to your family financially and be your best self, we’ve got something for you.

I’m Sarah Petty

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