Small Business Strategies: Is Your Small Business Being Innovative

Small Business Strategies: Is Your Small Business Being Innovative



It is not often when watching television with my husband, that he jumps out of his chair saying that the product being advertised is the coolest thing he has ever seen. Well, when he saw this Bagster, he went crazy. Being an architect and spending his days around job sites and dealing with huge, heavy dumpsters, he was so excited to see this cool alternative to waste management! You simply purchase the bagster at a local retailer, fill it with up to 3300 lbs of debris or waste and then schedule your collection online or by phone! How crazy is that for all of us who need to do a small remodel in our home but don’t want a huge truck dumping a huge and heavy dumpster in our front yard.

Now, think about your business. What have you done lately to thrill your customers and solve a need they didn’t even know they had? Is it a service you have been wanting to introduce? Maybe an unexpected delivery method? Or some type of well-designed, reusable packaging? Even small businesses strategies can be innovative and create solutions to the problems of their customers. Sometimes is simply means creating the solution so they see the problem.

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