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Marketing Help: Email Marketing

Yesterday DJ Waldow and I jumped on the phone for part 2 of our series on how small business owners can use email campaigns to grow their business. DJ was a featured expert at a conference I attended last month and is the director of community with Blue Sky Factory, an email marketing service provider.
In today’s interview DJ not only answers your questions,but also digs into things like:

  • How often should I email my customers?
  • How can I grow my email marketing list to reach more people?

Check it out to learn some of these best practices. 

If you are interested in the information DJ mentions about how to add an email opt in to your facebook page, you can learn how here.  And if you missed Tuesday’s blog post about why email marketing is important for small business owners, you can still tune in.

So I’m curious, how often do you email your clients? Do you have an email marketing campaign strategy that works well for you? We’d love to hear from you!

More about DJ:

Waldow is the director of community at Blue Sky Factory, a leading
email service provider. As an email marketing veteran with over five
years of industry experience, DJ helps marketers develop and execute
their email and social media campaigns. DJ can be found speaking at
industry events, including Internet Retailer, the Email Evolution
Conference and the Online Marketing Summit, and writing for popular
online publications, such as MediaPost’s Email Insider and
MarketingProfs. Twitter: @djwaldow  Blog:

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