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At The Joy of Marketing, one of our goals is to constantly help small business owners. Because I also own a boutique photography studio, I GET how hard it is to contstantly keep the phone ringing. I travel and speak several times a year and when I come back, I have to make sure my studio is still meeting goals. When I hear people saying they are struggling, I want to do what I can to help. Because my schedule is jam-packed each day, I can’t reach out and help each individual person but what I can do, is work with my team to put together speakers and events that can help many people at once. We received an email from a Cafe Joy member in a Gulf state sharing how her wedding and beach portrait business has crashed because of the oil spill. Mari, this event is for you and everyone else out there who needs a little more business right now:-)


12-1 CST TODAY August, 2, 2010

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Thanks to whcc, Rod Evans and Lori Nordstrom for helping create information to help so many!!!

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