Earn Your Clients’ Loyalty This Holiday Season With These Relationship Marketing Ideas

relationship marketing in your small business

This time of the year more than ever, your clients are overwhelmed.  Holiday parties, gift buying, decorating the home, preparing holiday dinners, squeezing in last minute meetings with clients who need things by year end. Their list is like yours. It goes on and on and on.  Earn their loyalty with these relationship marketing ideas.

Instead of approaching each client with the attitude of what can I sell them, try thinking about what you can do to make their lives easier right now. Don’t overwhelm them with options. Give them solutions!  Help them with marketing ideas.  That’s why they are a client of your small business and not the big box stores!

Rather than using added value in the form of products to get the sale this time of the year, try thinking about what you could do to give them more time in their day.

Can you deliver their orders to their home or work?

Can you offer to print their address labels for them for their holiday cards if they provide you the addresses digitally?

Can you wrap any products they ordered from you that they may be giving as gifts?

Can you ship any products they ordered from you as gifts?

Can you purchase clothing options for a last minute session they scheduled? (of course have them reimburse you)

Sure, your clients will cherish the products they purchased.  But even more, they will remember how you stepped it up and helped them out when they were busy. That’s what a true relationship with your business’ client is all about.

We want to hear what you’re doing in your small business to help your clients this holiday season. Tell us your relationship marketing ideas here!



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