Marketing Issue: Knowing What’s Different About Your Small Business

On today’s episode of The Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast, we tackle how to determine what makes you different in your small business. It’s a marketing issue most small business owners out there struggle with.

It’s hard to focus on your own business and why your customers love you without feeling too braggy. The thing is, if you can’t tell people what makes you different then why should they pay more for your products and services and why should they choose you over the competition?

Sarah and I look at so many websites and when we check out the About Us sections, many feel like they could be for any business. There is nothing unique or special there that is clearly communicated. On this episode of our podcast we give you 3 tips for helping you determine what makes you different. Here’s a little taste of what we dig in to.

1) Look at your competitors so you have perspective

2) Look at what you offer in comparison to those competitors

3) Figure out your passions

Tune in now to The Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast in itunes to hear you can solve this marketing issue and find what makes you different. It’s the key to letting your customers know why they should pay more for you. It’s free!

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I’m Sarah Petty

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