Use Creativity When Brand Building

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You don’t have to invest a ton of money to create a strong brand. When using your creativity, brand building does not have to be expensive.  You can reinforce your brand and save money at the same time. While skiing at Cascade Mountain in Wisconsin with my family recently, I was pleased to see that they had used their creativity instead of their pocketbook to make an impression. In the lodge at the bottom of the mountain, the lunch-room tables had the graphic element from the logo wood-burned onto the table tops which created an feeling of warmth and happiness for us. The wood top was consistent with the woodsy mountain feeling and it was refreshing to see them celebrating their logo and brand building in a somewhat inexpensive but creative way. It reminded us that while everyone else in the world was at work, we were enjoying the trips up and down this fabulous mountain.


Now, take a look at your business. What can you do to use your creativity and strengthen your brand? Maybe it has to do with painting your logo and/or identity symbols in unexpected places. Maybe it is silk-screeing your logo on fabric and sewing it by hand onto cool paper to create bag tags. Maybe it is using embroidery to embellish the hand-towels in your bathrooms with creative sayings. We would love to hear some of the creative things you are doing in your business to reinforce the power of your brand without breaking the bank!

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