Creating and growing a small business. Great advice from guru, Brian Tracy.


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Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak recently to Brian Tracy, the CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company that well, helps people succeed. Brian Tracy has long been a hero of mine and I have long invested in his training and education. When traveling with my staff to conferences out of town, I have been know to pop in a Brian Tracy CD).


I was far from disappointed when I was able to interview Brian, one of my favorite speakers and educators. Brian has spent over 30 years helping people succeed, many of whom are small business owners like us. I hope you can check out the article in the November issue of
Professional Photographer Magazine. My favorite line was when I asked
him about the fear business owners have with regard to the phone not
ringing when he said “The phone works both ways.” On a side note, there is something about interviewing such a professional speaker who speaks clearly and fluently. I think it was a little bit of my mission to throw him off his game, which, of course nobody could ever do. He did give me quite a few unexpected nuggets though! 


Also, if you haven’t ordered it, I would say to grab a copy of his new book, Now…Build A Great Business by Brian Tracy and Mark Thompson.

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