Charitable Marketing In Your Small Business

You will always hear us talk about how charitable marketing is so important for small businesses. It is a way to give back to the community and create yummy feelings about your business. Pease’s Candy, a local candy store, is taking tasty to a new level by giving 5% of their candy sales during the month of August to a local charity each week. This type of generousity gets everyone excited about shopping at your business because it is benefitting charities you love. You can never get people talking and blogging about your business enough – see how it motivates people to talk about your business in a positive way?

What makes this particular promotion near and dear to our hearts, is that THIS WEEK, from August 22-28, 5% of Peases Candy’s sales go to the Evan Hoffman Children’s Fund. Evan was one of the sweetest little boys I have ever known. Sadly, at only 13 and after a heart-wrenching 2 year battle, Evan lost his fight with cancer this summer. I think of him daily and I know he would be smiling right now to see all of us eating a big giant chocolate treat.

Evan’s mother Myra suggests that everyone treats themselves to a chocolate covered pretzel rod, one for you and one for Evan! What a delicious and fun way to honor his memory. Actually, being the home of Abe Lincoln, these are known to Springfield locals as “Lincoln Logs.” If you know any Lincoln fans (or you want your kids to treat their teachers with a bit of history), these are sure to please! To order online, visit and let’s all create a little joy for ourselves and the Evan Hoffman Children’s Fund!

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