Photography Branding Success Story



Last week, I spoke to one of our Cafe Joy members, Jill Vander Zwaag, and was thrilled to hear that she literally, just purchased our Jumpstart Your Brand product a few weeks ago, listened to the audio, worked through the workbook and already has results!   She worked on her photography branding and Wow!  Check this out! She has a new logo that is consistent with her photography – simple yet playful with a bit of unexpected snap. I love the mustard accent color she chose with the gray. This is a fun, cool and timeless look. Jill also pulled together graphic elements and colors that also have some pop like her photography. It always makes me excited to see our members creating fresh looks based on their passion and style instead of taking the easy road and copying others. We all take inspiration from others but remember your logo is the face of your business. Create it carefully! Great job Jill!!!

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