Brand Building and Failure in Small Business

How many of you forward business calls to your personal phone when you’re out or use your cell phone as your business phone? If the answer is yes, it’s very important to make sure you maintain a consistent brand regardless of where you happen to be.  In brand building of a small business, consistency is important.

First, make sure your voice mail reflects that a potential client is reaching a professional when they call you. Voice mail greetings that are appropriate for friends and family  (“You’ve reached Dan, Kelly, Chelsea and Colten and we’re not home right now. Leave us a message”) may not be consistent with your business’ brand.

When you answer your phone, do you greet callers with your business name (brand) so that it’s immediately clear with whom the caller is speaking? While a seemingly small detail, every interaction you have with a client should remain consistent with the image and brand you are investing in.

Finally, when you answer a call, do you make sure that you’re in a good place to speak with a client, free from distractions and noise and able to present yourself professionally? If the television or radio is blaring in the background, wind blowing as you’re walking into your child’s school or dog is barking to be let out, you risk brand failure and a lost customer.

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