5 Things To Do This Month to FIX Your Broken Business

In January I view my business, my house and my life in a different way.

It’s like there’s a giant bright spotlight on all broken crap I put up with in 4th quarter because I was too busy to fix.

I can’t HELP but see it!

And it makes me sick to my stomach when I realize how much time I wasted coming up with creative work arounds, putting on blinders and ‘good enough for now’ excuses because I couldn’t find time to stop and fix them in the busy season.

I know you’re with me and probably did the same thing!

Admittedly right now I’m going a little overboard becoming Mrs. Fix It.

  • That washing machine that hasn’t worked right for the last 2 years.
  • The gross basement that with my hoarding tendencies has turned into a collection place for everything I was too busy to put away or donate….totally cleaned out after  five trips to the Goodwill and my 3 kids being home for 2 weeks from school.
  • My messed up back and shoulders from lugging the camera around for years (and hunching over since I’m 6 feet tall)….on a rehab plan with a great doc to fix.

I’m doing the same thing in my business.

  • The software updates I SHOULD have downloaded last year…..happening this week.
  • The displays that need freshened up… choosing images from 4th quarter sessions and waiting for the semi-annual whcc sale to start.

When I was scrubbing through all the things I’m fixing, I thought you may need help fixing these same things.

Here’s a video that hopefully will help you focus on fixing the broken stuff in your business.

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