How Much Should your Photography Marketing Budget be?


I HATE photography marketing that’s expensive…

🚫 Facebook ads...

🚫🚫Paying someone to SEO your website …

🚫🚫🚫Mall displays….

Paid photography marketing sucks the money out of your bank account faster than you can make it.

🤷 So what should you if you're on a budget to get photography clients?

▶ Hit play for my advice.

Get a

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How do you Market Your Photography Business when you’re Overwhelmed?


School calls…

Your daughter has a stomach ache…

You have a session tonight and it’s pouring down rain…

Your spouse is traveling all week for work…

Your boss is breathing down your neck because you’re late again…

The fridge is empty…

And laundry is spilling out of the laundry room…

How in the WORLD are you supposed

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Six Savvy Marketing Tips for Photography Studios On the Move

Sarah Petty

Read on for six simple marketing tips for your photography business aimed at making sure your clients know where to reach you wherever you are.
Let's face it: No one LIKES moving. In fact, mention it and my mind starts racing about endless sorting, packing, lifting and other back-breaking, no-fun work.

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VIDEO: 3 Ways to Add Holiday Cards to Your Photography Marketing Plan

Sarah Petty

I want to share with you a photography marketing technique to get new clients and also increase your orders from current clients.
But it’s one of those things you can ONLY do this time of the year.

The video below lays out exactly how to add holiday cards to your photography marketing

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Free Marketing for Photographers: Send a Personal Note

Sarah Petty

How do you find clients who are willing to actually pay for photography, when so many people are giving it away or selling digital files for cheap?
That's the subject of this case study where I show you one of my favorite ideas that is completely free marketing for photographers. It

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Photography Marketing Ideas to Jump Start Your Business

Sarah Petty

Here are some easy ways you can bring 5-10 NEW photography clients into your business with some proven photography marketing ideas to jump start your business!
One of the things I do to make sure I have clients coming in all year is something I do when business is slow.

This activity alone

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10 Ways You Know You’re a Professional Photographer

Sarah Petty

Do you white balance your iPhone pictures? Do you know every cool alley in town? If you answered yes, chances are you’re a photographer.
You know you’re a professional photographer if…
1. You've nearly been hit by a car while running out into the street to get “the shot.”

2. You assume people have

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A Weekly Checklist for Photography Marketing Help

Sarah Petty

Sometimes a photography business feels like a roller coaster.
One week you're on top of the world, running from sessions to ordering appointments to consultations. You're juggling more business than you can keep up with and it feels great to be in such demand.

Then a few weeks later, anxiety creeps in

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Here are our tips for writing an about us page that works.

Create An ‘About You’ Page that Works

Erin Verbeck

I visit a lot of small business owner's websites. Sometimes because I'm looking to do business with them, but sometimes because I'm doing research. One thing I find that is lacking in most sites, is the 'about you' section.

Your 'about me' sets you apart from everyone else because no one

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Photography Marketing Tips – 2 Things You Should NOT Do in Your Business!

Sarah Petty

Everyday thousands of new photographers enter into the industry and the competition continues to increase, which means you, as a photographer, have to step up your marketing game.

I’m not saying you need to go get a billboard displaying your images, but you definitely need to make sure you are marketing

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