Heres What Our Students Have To Say About The Be Worth Every Penny Marketing Program

Be Worth Every Penny Marketing Program

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Nicee Martin
Miss Motley Photography

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L.Stephanie Smith
L. S. Smith Photography

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Olivia Pritchard
Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography

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When a marketing opportunity comes up, instead of wasting hours researching online, I go into my library of recordings and in minutes I have what I need to get a client. - Sheri Birchler  I want to thank your the absolute awesome Be Worth Every Penny marketing class. I would highly recommend it to anyone! - Cindi Fortmann

Your dog whistle pieces are GOLDEN! - Nicee Martin  What an incredible program! Sarah, thank you for always being so sharing and caring. Thank you for being amazing, wonderful you! - Kaycee Clark

Jill Liebhaber  Tina Thomas

Tammy Griffin-Vincent  Robyn Rasmussen

Laura Novak  Glenn Bashaw

Donna Park  Kathy King


Derek Johnson  Tara Gillis

Seriously, it's $1,200 per year... You will make that in your first portrait order alone. It's a no-brainer! - Kayla -Gutsch  I LOVE how Sarah is always being a true givers gain. She ALWAYS gives, and gives! - Tani Dugger



Working photographer, coach, mama, and wife. Whether you’re looking to take your photography business full-time or simply make good money on a very part-time basis so you can contribute to your family financially and be your best self, we’ve got something for you.

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