Meet our team of photography marketing experts

It takes an entire team of marketing professionals to get you the photography marketing help you need so you can brand build and charge what you’re worth.

Meet Erin Verbeck

Chief Joy Officer

If you see the red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror don’t panic. It’s just Erin Verbeck, our Chief Joy Officer and resident brand police. She’s a marketing professional who is passionate about brands maintaining consistency in their identity and isn’t afraid to give them a brand sobriety test. With a MBA from one of the top business schools in the country and 10 years combined experience at Sabre Holdings, the parent of Travelocity as well as a top regional advertising agency, Erin has the chops to weigh in on all things marketing.

Superpowers: Give me a to do list and I’ll destroy it. I can prioritize like no other because I hate not getting things done.

Little Known Facts: Ran Division I track and field / cross country at Western Illinois University and coached the TCU Flyin’ Frogs while earning my MBA. Kate Lagemann, our customer care manager, is my sister.

Likes: gummy sweet tarts, Sno caps, SUN, beaches, comfy sweats, running, reading

Dislikes: messes, dirty hands, fast food, cold weather, historical fiction

Thing I love most about what I do: What’s not to love? I work from home and I grow businesses through marketing. Two of my favorite things!

Meet Cindy Freesmeyer

With a degree in accounting and background in tax and audit, report running and number crunching is what Cindy loves to do. She keeps the number facts coming to Sarah and Erin so they can make decisions that are best for our clients.  Cindy is also on board to help Renee give our clients excellent customer service.
My Kryptonite (something you are powerless to resist): M&M’s, pasta, a new workout program, hugs from her kids
Little Known Facts (could be the facts you gave for the scavenger hunt): has checked one thing off her Bucket List – qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. Loves putting puzzles together but rarely takes the time to do it.   
The thing I love most about what I do: working with numbers, helping JOY clients and doing it all from home.
Loves: Running, chocolate, beaches, mountains, watching her two girls develop their interests, skills and love of life.
Dislikes: bugs, cold weather, keeping flowers alive (hubby knows to bring her chocolate for all special occasions)

Meet Andria Crawford-Whitehead

Photographer / Production Manager

Andria came to us as a college intern and we wouldn’t let her leave. She’s responsible for building customer relationships at Sarah Petty Photography and she’s a rock star – our clients LOVE her! Andria photographs our high school senior clients and is the secret sauce that keeps our studio running without any kinks. She makes sure we never miss a marketing opportunity in our local market and have a stocked fridge of drinks and snacks.

My Kryptonite: Fabulous Italian food, dancing with my son, Glee

Little Known Facts:  Wants to be a 007 Bond girl, loves playing pinball, Harry Potter nerd

Superpowers: Can make anyone look 20 pounds lighter in just seconds (thanks Photoshop!), party planning, recycling

The Thing I love most about what I do: The moment when someone I’ve photographed comes in and loves their images…all their previous fears and self consciousness disappears.


Meet Renee Scott

Director of Client Joy

Our Joy clients come to us for marketing ideas and deserve to be loved and taken care of. Nobody does that better than Renee Scott, whose focus is to build customer relationships. She’s our chief lifesaver, too, protecting Sarah and Erin from crashing and burning by making sure there is a thought out process behind every big idea so it goes off with as few hitches as possible.

Superpowers: Can find any password Erin loses, keep Sarah organized & juggle her calendar and has ESP when it comes to anticipating problems before they happen.

Little Known Facts:  Loves outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and skiing.  Boats are not her friend as she gets seasick.  She has 3 amazing grown kiddos and the best daughter-in-law in the world.

Loves: Texas Tech track (her daughter is on the team), fruity drinks, trips to far-away places…

Dislikes: living far away from her family in Florida, sushi, shopping

My Kryptonyte: Vanilla-iced coffees, chocolate, anything sweet (including her husband)

Meet Tristan

Marketing Manager

Our digital marketing guy. Tristan implements and manages all of the marketing projects we have at the Joy of Marketing. With over 13 years as a marketing director executing  & overseeing marketing campaigns in the education industry, Tristan is our goto guy when we need to get things done.

Superpowers: I have none, but sometimes Tony Stark hits me up when he’s having tech issues.

Little Known Facts: I love the remote wilderness just as much as I love tech.

Likes: Exotic foods, nature & craft beers.

Dislikes: Spiders…all shapes and sizes.

The Thing I love most about what I do: Seeing scribbles written on a cocktail napkin turned into a successful campaign.