5 Sales Steps to Success

Sarah Petty’s 5 Sales Steps to Success

Within five years of opening, Sarah Petty Photography was named one of the most successful photography studios by Professional Photographers of America. Sarah contributes her success to over 20 years of helping Coca-Cola build their brand and meeting the marketing goals of a top regional advertising agency’s clients. Below you’ll find Sarah’s 5 essential steps you need in order to achieve profitable sales in your small business.


1. First phone call
Take control of the conversation.
Build rapport by asking questions.
Do a needs analysis.
Go into your sales presentation based on their needs.
Tell what makes you different.
Share your prices in a confident manner.
Overcome objections by telling stories and talking about benefits to the consumer.

2. In-person consultation
Bring out consultation form.
Take detailed notes.
Look the client in the eye and give her your full attention.
Build credibility and trust by educating them.
Explain the process including the day of the ordering.
Take their session fee and schedule their session.

3. Session
Confirm the day prior.
Shoot to sell.

4. Sales Presentation
Have everything FULLY setup and ready for the client.
No chitty chat. When the client comes in, sit down, tell them what is happening, start the presentation and then CLOSE YOUR MOUTH.
Get the clients to cut as much as they can in 30 minutes, finalize order within 45 minutes, take their order and money within 60 minutes. If you need to cut, you will have time to cut with this system.

5. Pickup/Framing
This is your opportunity to give love and upsell framing.
Have everything laying out ready for the client.
Give them your undivided attention.


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Working photographer, coach, mama, and wife. Whether you’re looking to take your photography business full-time or simply make good money on a very part-time basis so you can contribute to your family financially and be your best self, we’ve got something for you.

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