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Creative LIVE Jumpstart Your Brand in 21 Days

Build a Successful Brand & Attract the RIGHT Clients

If you are a photographer who is attracting the wrong clients due to a poor brand or are just getting started and need help developing your brand, this program will give you clarity around your brand, which is paramount to success in any business but particularly for those who are following the boutique business model.

Daily Exercises Help You Build a Strong Brand

Finally, you can stop spinning your wheels and discover the keys to growing a successful brand. The program includes a work book with a daily exercise/ activity + a daily audio file that walks students through in manageable pieces how to create a brand or if needed, rebrand. Exercises are designed to help students end the course with a logo (or direction for a professional graphic designer to follow), style, color pallets, graphic standards, and clear market positioning. It’s very comprehensive and is available for immediate download.

Jumpstart Your Brand in 21 Days Includes:

 45 Page .PDF workbook to help you grow a strong brand step by step. | 1.3 MB

PDF File
22 .MP3 audio files to help you through each of the 21 days, including an introduction. | total of 130.7 MB for all22 .MP3 Files

Downloadable as a .zip file immediately upon purchase. | Total compressed file size 119.3 MB download. (when uncompressed, 131.9 MB)

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