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Friday, June 27


Grab Your Seat Here!

Stress, Guilt & Sweat Free Selling–IS NOW CLOSED

If the thought of selling your photography makes you feel all sweaty, nervous and icky, then join me for my 100% FREE online selling event, Stress, Guilt & Sweat-Free Selling, presented by whcc.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, newborn photographer, pet photographer, kid/family photographer, senior photographer or event photographer, the Stress, Guilt & Sweat-Free Selling online event features sales tips from the most successful photographers in the country.

This free photography marketing event is a must attend, if you:

  • Struggle with the skill of closing sales with new clients.
  • Absolutely dread selling and want to learn how the best in the business do it.
  • Only seem to get low-paying, tire kick’n clients that wear you down.
  • Want to get large, profitable photography orders.

Sarah Petty digs in and interviews 7 super successful photographers including:

  • Allison Tyler Jones
  • Kay Eskridge
  • Julia Kelleher
  • Carrie Wildes
  • Jeff Lubin
  • Bobby Carlsen
  • Pamela Box