Worth Every Penny

Learn small business marketing strategies to help you charge what you are worth.

Worth Every Penny, a valuable business book by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck

Many small business owners feel pressure to discount their products and services, especially when times are tough. After all, how else will they keep up with the low prices offered by their discounting competitors? What they don’t realize is that discounting is the last thing they should be doing if they want to win big.


Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck are here to show you that there’s a radically different way to run a small business — one in which the owners focus on offering specialized products and over-the-top customer service, not on matching the prices of their competition.

“There’s a radically
different way to run
a small business.”


In our New York Times best-selling business book, Worth Every Penny, we encourage you to explore and use this model, which is designed to maximize your small business advantages over the big-box stores and other discounting competitors. This top business book teaches you to sell without discounting and how to use profitable marketing strategies to build a business that thrills your customers.



The strategies we teach are enhanced by real-life business experiences and vivid anecdotes from all types of business owners—restaurateurs to contractors to designers, professional service providers and photographers. With the advice in Worth Every Penny, you will be inspired to live your passion and pass your enthusiasm on to your customers. The result: a profitable business that avoids succumbing to the pressure to discount.

“Be inspired to live
your p
assion and pass
your enthusiasm on to
your customers.”



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